TSX-LMR with Graphite resource in Quebec.

TSX-DEFN with Mineral Resource reported 43-101 of 11,370,000 tonnes averaging 1.14% Ce, 0.53% La, 0.23% Nd, 1.96% LREE, higher Rare Earth grades then other North American Rare Earths deposits, also similar geology to Mountain Pass run by Chinese, TSX-DEFN possible source of rare earths for US NAVY top secret UFO, SECURE SOURCE, ON HIGHWAY, NEAR TOXIC PROCESSING FACILITIES, TOP RARE EARTH JUNIOR EXPLORER

Rare Earth Public Listings

TSX-DEFN, TSX-UCU, TSX-LL, T-AVL, TSX-NTM, TSX-GMA, others to be posted.

TSX-DEFN news 09-23-2019, highlights resource extended a further 100 meters, increasing by 40%, new zone, and long intercept, see company news for details.

TSX-DEFN is a  Threat to CHINA worse than Hong Kong. TSX-DEFN MAGA men want to send a F*$% YOU CHINA messageby exploring North America’s Rare Earth Deposit near infrastructure and markets.

30 Tonne bulk sample processed returning averages 1.77 per cent lanthanum-oxide, 2.34 per cent cerium-oxide, 0.52 per cent neodymium-oxide and 0.18 per cent praseodymium-oxide, for a total of 4.81 per cent light rare earth oxide.

TSX-DEFN currently drilling the deposit, with CHINA looking on nervously, but CHINA cannot do anything as the TSX-DEFN deposit located in BC Canada, near highway and near rail transport and near toxic metals processing facilities already established, will never succumb to CHINESE GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

TSX-DEFN will send another MAGA F*$% YOU CHINA message if and when the Mineral Resource is re-established by drilling, by supplying the Canadian and the US Armed Forces and the FREE WORLD industries with mined and processed in AMERICA rare earths, reliable and dependable quality without CHINESE sabotage potential, a MAGA Company TSX-DEFN.

About the mineral resource, it is  an ovoid, steeply west-dipping intrusive carbonatite plug that is enriched in rare earth elements (REE).
First discovered by T-TECK.A in 1986-87, after MAO made the declaration CHINA offers the world Rare Earths.

Today the message is TSX-DEFN offers the FREE WORLD RARE EARTHS

REE-bearing minerals bastnasite-parasite (Ca-Ce-La-F carbonates) and monazite (a Ce-La phosphate) are disseminated quite uniformly throughout the Main Zone dolomite carbonatite intrusive plug. This is similar to California’s Mountain Pass Mine- OWNED AND RUN BY CHINESE GOVERNMENT!

A Mineral Resource of 11,370,000 tonnes averaging 1.14% Ce, 0.53% La, 0.23% Nd, 1.96% LREE total .

Best bet as has had least amount of work with highest rare earth grade in the best host geology, carbonatites is the TSX-DEFN. The deposit was not worked during the most recent Rare Earths push during the Mountain Pass miner owner at the time NEW YORK listing and it's hige financings of the similar host geology Mountain Pass mine now owned by Chinese government that is mining that deposit located in California.

This TSX-DEFN deposit has better grades and outcrops at surface on hillside so will be initially an open pit operation.

​Mineral Resource reported in 43-101 of 11,370,000 tonnes averaging 1.14% Ce, 0.53% La, 0.23% Nd, 1.96% LREE 

Currently drilling, and it is the best chance at a North American RARE EARTH source.




Project A/ EAGLE occurrence grab sample historic 6,71 % TREO (57 372 ppm Tr, 25 500 ppm Ce, 14 800 ppm La, 10 100 ppm Nd, 3010 ppm Pr).

Project B/ Historic assay of rock sample SW of Eagle, 5 % Ce, 3.55 % La, 2.35 % Nd, 0.5 % Pr, 0.3 % Sm, 0.12 % Th, 0.43 % Y 

Project 1. historic rock sampling easy access, undrilled.

samples Significant value : 555 ppm Gd, 18 ppm Mo, 474 ppm Sm, 14 ppm Sn, 13 ppm Ta, 290 ppm U, 161 ppm Zn
Anomalous value : 136.5 ppm Nb, 0.1 % Pr, 973 ppm V, 753 ppm Y
Index value : 1 % Ce, 1 % La, 0.64 % Nd, 0.1 % Th.

Project 2. Listed as an rare earth occurrence in Quebec, surface samples, undrilled information at the moment, no database searched.


1. historic known BC minfile rare earth occurrence.


1. Project area between two cities (both with airportys) off highway, historic rare earths in soils obtained by third party searching for gold, in carbonatite geology

contact: specmin@gmail.com