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revitalize your company, conglomerate hosted gold, 10 adits, Gaspe Quebec, hand mined 1900's to 1930, or, first 2 holes in 1973 hit gold in Timmins, 8km north of airport! gold gold! email: or   call 604-729-4188.


Located on hillside, between two major towns on a highway. Both towns have airports.

West-Central Newfoundland.

Values over 10,000ppm Zr, 1000ppm Ce, 2000ppm Hf, through a large area - soil samples.


1973 drilling, 2/3 holes hit gold zone, 2 holes over 290 meters apart. Only short sections assayed. Arsenopyrite, whole holes with excellent Timmins gold geology (from subsequent compilation report in 1999). Great potential for this project, excellent in hole geology all unassayed, and short assay sections from 1973 returned gold at shallow depth. for sale.

Antimony and gold project British Columbia.  Historic work reported chip samples over considerable lengths.

BC Assessment Report 09306 contains a map, Figure 3, that displays a plan view of sampling completed in 1973, covering a part of the property, where Gold and Antimony are reported. Values on the plan view map are

                                       36’ 0.022oz Au, 7.75% Sb, 

                                       40’  0.024oz  Au, 6.53% Sb, 

                                       20’ 0.15oz Au, 5.24% Sb.

Cominco report summarises past work on the minfile occurrences,  including

                                                       chip sampling of 1.5g/t gold across 106 meters. 

 BC Minfile 103G028 reports that “Disseminations and stringers of pyrite, arsenopyrite and stibnite occur in carbonate altered rhyolite, rhyolite porphyry, breccia, and andesite. Drilling encountered higher gold values associated with quartz-calcite-pyrite-arsenopyrite veinlets in an area 600 by 600 metres in size. A 6 metre intersection in drill hole B75-1 assayed 1.5 grams per tonne gold (Assessment Report 5431). A 1988 drill hole encountered 3 grams per tonne gold over 3.05 metres (Assessment Report 17390, page 5)”

 The Cominco 1988, assessment report 17,370, discusses the areas discussed above. One area covers “Gold was first reported in the area in 1909. At that time three crown granted claims called the Homestake Group and situated 2 kilometer south of our present area of drilling were explored. Two veins containing locally good gold values were prospected with a total of 2100'’of underground workings. Work ceased by 1913 and it was not until 1972” that several mineral occurrences were discovered “2 km north of the old Homestake workings. Those areas are discussed above where the chip sample values and drilling are outlined.

Helium Project in Saskatchewan available.

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