TSX-iMT  reviewing possible  rare earths acquisition   TSX-DGO  Durango Resources with historic Rare Earths, Scandium 

US Navy showcases lethal Laser System to CNN and several other news networks. Obliterates target at the speed of light, instantaneously. US Navy Laser Systems use rare earths and possibly zeolites to cool, absorb gases and radioactivity.

Three prospects in Quebec, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan with Cerium, Neodymium, Yttrium, Scandium, Lanthanum, Zirconium values.

1. QUEBEC Cerium Neodymium Yttrium Historic rock samples and a diamond drill hole sample. Rock samples upto 50,000ppm Ce, upto 23,500ppm Nd, upto 35,000ppm La, samples, upto 21,600ppm Yttrium all from surface  rock samples over an area approximately 2 kilometers by 2 kilometers and located a few kilometers from Quebec highway. Rock sample results and  drill hole result sample values listed below................for sale 604-729-4188

Historic result from Government of Quebec

Rock Sample                      NTS map sheet number : 31L16      unique sample number: 1903126702

Chemical  element      Grade          Grade unit            Analysis method 

Ce                                 50 000.000000   ppm                Inductive coupling mass spectrometry

La                                 35 500.000000    ppm                Inductive coupling mass spectrometry

Nd                                23 500.000000   ppm                Inductive coupling mass spectrometry

Y                                      4 310.000000  ppm                Inductive coupling mass spectrometry

Historic result from Government of Quebec

Rock Sample                      NTS map sheet number : 31L16        unique sample number: 1903126704

chemical sample           grade             grade unit           analysis method

Ce                                    24 500.00000   ppm                  Inductive coupling mass spectrometry

La                                    10 100.00000    ppm                  Inductive coupling mass spectrometry

Nd                                    12 900.00000   ppm                 Inductive coupling mass spectrometry

Y                                        21 600.00000   ppm                Inductive coupling mass spectrometry

More rock samples from Government of Canada listings available.

Historic results: from Government of Quebec 

Rock sample                        NTS map-sheet number : 31L16         unique sample number : 1903126690
Num_Rapport :[GM-63880] ,Canton :[SENEZERGUES], Année :[2008], Compagnie :[MATAMEC] ,Type_Échant. :[ER], No_Échant. : [D081680], Lithologie :[Erratique -PAS DE DESCRIPTION].

Diamond drilling

Analysis result
Chemical element        Grade                   Grade unit               Analysis method  
Ce                               6 950.0000000            ppm                       Inductive coupling mass spectrometry
Dy                                   441.0000000           ppm                       Inductive coupling mass spectrometry
Er                                     208.0000000          ppm                       Inductive coupling mass spectrometry
Eu                                       67.5000000         ppm                       Inductive coupling mass spectrometry
Gd                                    543.0000000          ppm                      Inductive coupling mass spectrometry
Hf                                     112.5000000          ppm                      Inductive coupling mass spectrometry
La                                 3 330.0000000           ppm                      Inductive coupling mass spectrometry
Nb                                   293.0000000            ppm                     X-ray fluorescence
Nd                                2 990.0000000           ppm                       Inductive coupling mass spectrometry
Pr                                    792.0000000            ppm                      Inductive coupling mass spectrometry
Y                                   1 735.0000000            ppm                      X-ray fluorescence
Zr                                  5 090.0000000           ppm                      X-ray fluorescence


2. NEWFOUNDLAND prospect with Cerium and Zirconium values from surface SOIL sampling. Location is between roads, a Newfoundland Highway and a hillside road, between two towns with airports.  Upto 680ppm Ce, upto 24,000ppm Zr, from third party sampling, never tested by drilling and soil and silt sampling along a tributary dropping from elevation, possible placer mining possibility, high historic Sn value also from historic report filed by third party. map below.